After over 30 years in this industry I can say one thing for certain. There is no constant. We are firm believers that if you take care of customers properly, repeat business isn’t an issue. This company was created by people who sleep well at night knowing they have done their job . We want our customers to sleep well at night knowing the same thing.

- Alan Castell, Founder/President -

we’re driven by resultswe’re driven by results

alpha is a company driven by results. We know our customers expect us to do our job in a timely fashion. We know that our customers don’t want stories about why it couldn’t get done, or excuses as to why their managed services aren’t being handled properly. They want results.
We won’t rush things, or cut corners. We do each job so it doesn’t have to be repeated. Every one of the staff at alpha prides themselves on their attention to detail. We know that the customer has their own job to do, and sometimes that depends on us doing our job. We don’t charge you to look at the problem, we charge you to fix it. Those are the same expectations we have of the suppliers and subcontractors that we work with.

we love technologywe love technology

alpha technologies helps businesses utilize technology in their environment with the goal of helping them save money, and increase productivity.

We do this by staying current on the latest hardware and software. It is our job to stay on top of the latest methods to streamline your network, or to make sure that it is secure from any type of problem that may occur.

We are a team that was formed through mutual respect. Having worked together under different circumstances, we realized that customers could be treated a lot better. When we commit to something we make sure that we are capable of living up to that commitment. When we manage your environment you can rest assured that things are done professionally and on time. That isn’t something we have had to learn over the years, it was programmed into us by our parents, and our peers.


we make it about you. about your business. about the relationship. we truly make service our first priority