Lac Du Bonnet Sept 2016

Team concept. That was one of the fundamentals that alpha was built on. One of the things we do to reinforce that is by doing a lot of different things together. Let’s see.  The things that the staff at alpha has done together so far….. Skiing. Movies Escape Rooms Go Kart Racing River Rapids Camping Laser Tag Drone Racing RC … Read More

The “alpha annual july weekend” was a huge success.

Years ago the tradition started with a group of friends spending a weekend together doing the things we love.  We had basic electric airplanes with cameras and video transmitters which graduated into head tracking cameras and batteries that gave us half an hour of easy and enjoyable flight time.  Days that we were laid up due to weather became game … Read More

Great day with employees, partners, and clients in Lorette

What a fantastic day. Up early but excited to be able to get away from the desk to go to the 1st Annual Evolution Electric Golf Tournament. We have been lucky to work with a great partner in Evolution Electric. Guys that know what it takes to make customers happy, and to do things right. You’ll be seeing a lot … Read More

3D Printers. A powerful new tool that isn’t beyond reach.

I made the jump. Went from looking to using. From being intimidated by, now being inspired by. I started w ith an idea. One that required me to “make” something in order to test it. Well the only place that had a 3D printer was a friend in Calgary, and a community maker space downtown where following another persons concept … Read More

What’s it like to work at alpha?

There is a story behind the creation of alpha that we tell customers. The one about how it all began. A discussion during the super bowl half time that led to an idea. An idea to build on. Deliver. Deliver on our promises. On our commitments, both to our customers, as well as each other. That in itself takes commitment. … Read More

Ransomware – Keep your data safe!

Digital data has become a commodity in modern society; be it pictures of your friends and family on your phone/personal computer, or sensitive business documents on servers that empower and run your workplace; at the end of the day we need to keep all this data safe and secure. First and foremost, regular backups are a must! No matter what … Read More

We’ve Added a New Solution to our IP Family.

With our background in IP communications including SIP trunking and VoIP, a solid understanding of all things network is tantamount to our success in those platforms. Sometimes we would be installing a phone system and/or the network for a company, and be forced to work with the company installing the camera system. A high percentage of the time we would … Read More

New Look for a New Year.

  Has it been almost 5 years since alpha was conceived?  It seems like it was just a short time ago that a group of us got together over a cup of coffee, ready to deliver IT the way we thought it should be done. We had all been frustrated by companies we had worked for doing “just enough” instead … Read More