Today's pace in business means you have to stay connected. To the office, to your customers, to your network.
alpha has been one of the innovators in Manitoba when it comes to VoIP and SIP deployment. In fact, we started our own company utilizing the technology that we deploy. Networks built on passing information the way you want it. Connected whether you are in the office, or on the other side of the world.

Our solutions not only save you money, but extend your reach to whatever limits you want.

Hosted Phonehosted phone

If your business is just getting started and you are trying to keep expenses to a minimum, our hosted phone solution is the perfect fit.

Built to satisfy the needs of small business whether you are just getting started, or streamlining your business to reduce expenses but increase communications.  hosted phone comes with all the high end features you need but starts at an affordable rate that allows you to build as you grow your business.  This solution allows you to start small without high start up costs and like all alpha services, is open to changes under our monthly contracts that don't bind you to what you don't need. 

All your choices for phone are the same as our other packages so your selection isn't limited to a few starter hand sets.

Even better, all your phones can stay with you as you move to a larger system down the road to take advantage of savings.

Is it time to bring your communications into a new era? hosted pbx based solutions are the perfect fit for any sized business.

Over the last 8 years we have perfected the hosted pbx solution. Software has evolved and features are even more abundant than before. By building a solution on a platform that can scale, using software that is flexible, allows us to provide configurations that can extend your reach to multiple locations located anywhere in the world! Imagine your business extending to salespeople in other cities, or to your satellite locations without any additional charges. As always, alpha's solutions allow you the flexibility to upsize or downsize based on your current needs WITHOUT contracts. With over 300 solutions across North America, we feel that not only does hosted pbx streamline your business communications, but does it AND lowers your monthly line expenses. We also offer on-premise pbx solutions.

Are you tired of the limitations that come with your existing phone service provider? Tired of the contracts that you didn't know you were in? So were we designed our own solution.

Five years ago, alpha technologies started to build relationships with SIP providers. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is the protocol that is the backbone behind VoIP (Voice over IP). We have all been stuck dealing with one or two options for voice and alpha wanted to create a solution that catered to the client both in pricing and in features. Customers wanted North American long distance included. Done. They wanted no contracts. Done. They wanted the flexibility to add or subtract lines on the fly. Done. alpha sip is the backbone powering hundreds of businesses in Canada, as well as some that are across borders, and across the ocean. If you haven't looking into VoIP solutions yet, then you owe yourself a chance to look at what we can offer to help you stay connected to staff, and clients.