No home or business can afford to be without security. With so many choices out there it can be hard to make the right decision. Whether it is cameras to secure your property, or automating your physical devices such as lights and locks, alpha can help.


The last five years has brought tremendous change due to improvements in technology.
The days of the monitoring company calling you to tell your that your alarm is going off, are disappearing. Applications that run on our smart devices let you do more from wherever you are. Let alpha help you protect your property whether it is an HD camera system, wireless alarm system, or a merging of both.


Whether it is a full site recording solution, or you want to just record at specific times or situations, alpha can help.

We offer camera systems that can protect single site businesses, or connect all of your locations so you can watch and react with monitoring done from smartphone, PC, or Web. We offer fully scalable systems that can start simple, but add pieces as you grow. There are situations now that require you to monitor the perimeter of your business with the purpose of protecting your property. Businesses are now installing systems to monitor work places so in case of injury or theft, there are recordings that can ensure that the facts are correct. Home business, alpha has the solution that will fit both budget and solution.


alarm and access alarm and access

With the advent of connected home and businesses, technologies have merged and now work together when a few years ago you needed separate systems to do everything.

Not only do you need to secure your location, but now you want to control and monitor access, login remotely to make changes, secure the location in case of fire or break in, and ensure that your staff are opening and closing at the proper times.  At alpha we work with some of the leaders in security to ensure that our solutions not only work, but are mature enough to be trusted when you need it most. 

Our systems can provide access for your staff through smart phone applications, as well as key fobs.  Automation comes as part of the base package so you can add things like lights, thermostats, and cameras, that can all react based on the criteria you set. 

Want your camera to record anytime after sunset till sunrise?  No problem.  Add a smart light switch to have the lights come on as well to light your yard when someone enters.  Almost anything is possible with the right system.

We sell what we use, not only to protect our business location, but to protect our staff homes as well.

We offer full sales and installation, and we are confident that no one can protect you like we can.