advantages and disadvantages

we will be the last IT company you ever have to call

With alpha technologies inc., you have a company with years of experience both working together, and working for others.


Having a dedicated company provide Managed Services for your business provides a lot of advantages:

  • You employ a team of individuals who have every base covered.
  • You are the customer, not the employer, so your expectations change due to the relationship.
  • You have someone working for you 24/7, not 8/5.
  • Your architecture and network maps are your possession, not ours, as are your passwords. All of them.
  • A good managed services company works hard to eliminate your problems as we realize that as a customer, you are concerned about results. If you are seeing a service tech every day, then something is wrong. It is about down time. If you don’t have any down time, then the company servicing you is doing their job.
  • Usually costs less than a good employee, and you don’t have to pay for benefits.
  • We try to convince other customers of ours to do business with you as well.
  • When it comes to finding a solution to any technical problem you may have, we don’t take very long to come up with the answer. The right answer. No employee can come close when it comes to full solution ability.
  • With certain contracts, still less than you are probably paying right now, we will refresh all your hardware every three years. You don’t have to worry about your information being transferred or disposal fees. You focus on your business, and we take care of your technical backbone.


  • Well, if your IT guy is a relative, family suppers could be a bit uncomfortable.
  • Won’t be so easy to blame someone when you accidentally permanently delete that important email.

If we could think of more, we would list them. There just isn’t much of a disadvantage.

This is of course dependent on the quality of the company you are dealing with for your managed services.

Solutions that are proven in the real world. Solutions that we ourselves are using every day. We can’t afford downtime and we realize that neither can any of our customers. You don’t pay for time, you pay for solutions.